Best Coilovers For RSX | 10 Affordable Picks of 2022 (2023)

The Coilover suspension will be an incredible set up for the vehicle. Depending on this decision, your RSX will give the nicest comfort and handling facilities. But if you make the wrong decision, then everything will backfire.

As we all know, the RSX has been a thriving sports coupe for so many years. But you won’t like it if it does not provide a safe ride; that’s the reason you need the best coilovers for RSX.

Let’s notice some of the best RSX coil oversin our selection in this content. Though there are many options present in the market, not all of them can fulfill your demand. Do check the fitment capabilities for a better experience.


  • 1 List of 10 Best Coilovers for Acura RSX
    • 1.1 1. Godspeed MonoSS Coilover Lowering Kit 16 Rebound Damping Sectors
    • 1.2 2. Scitoo Coilover Suspensions Shock Struts Kits Absolute Suspension Technology
    • 1.3 3. MOSTPLUS Adjustable Height Coilovers Struts Special Needs Match The Unique Design
    • 1.6 6. ANPART Coilovers Shock Suspension Long Term Durability
    • 1.7 7. Rev9 Damping Force Adjustment Lowering Kit Wide Length Adjust-ability
    • 1.8 8. Rev9 Hyper-Street II Coilover Suspension Lowering Kit Improved Comfort Level And Larger Capacity
    • 1.9 9. INEEDUP Coilovers Struts Shocks Functions As Unique Components
    • 1.10 10. ZENITHIKE Strut Coilover Suspension Lowering Kit Feel Unrestricted To Pay For
  • 2 How Can You Decide on the Best Coilovers for RSX?
    • 2.1 Top mount
    • 2.2 Spring rates
    • 2.3 Adjusting the height
    • 2.4 Quality
    • 2.5 Research
    • 2.6 Tested coilovers
    • 2.7 Warranty
  • 3 Frequent Ask Questions
  • 4 Final Words:

List of 10 Best Coilovers for Acura RSX

Get some of the useful RSX coilovers reviews to bring yourself in the treaty ride. Whether you want RSX tein coilovers or RSX type s coilovers, here you will find each one of the best coilovers. Then receive a clear description.

1. Godspeed MonoSS Coilover Lowering Kit 16 Rebound Damping Sectors

Best Coilovers For RSX | 10 Affordable Picks of 2022 (1)

From the Godspeed Coilover kit, you will get 16 rebound sections for damping. This setting will regulate the speed of your RSX and subside the travel to its level. Although after compressing, the suspension will develop.

These Mono SS coilovers have stainless steel covering with both aluminum and steel hardware that will perform the springs. Across shock damper procedure, this is an entry-level execution coil spring.

It has massive gas and oil capacity that will give this kit more than the standard performance quality. Through a lock ring and spring seat, this Coilover will preload the spring tension.

You will need a professional and experienced hand to install the lowering kit. Even Godspeed likewise highly recommends this. After the worn out, you can rebuild the shock absorber when you feel the need.

Moreover, from the purchasing date, they are providing a full limited warranty of 1 year. So undoubtedly, you can buy this one kit for your Acura RSX coilovers. This Coilover is compatible with Acura RSX (DC5) 2002-06.


  • Modify and independent ride height
  • Fully adjustable
  • Enhance handling response
  • Smooth stroke

2. Scitoo Coilover Suspensions Shock Struts Kits Absolute Suspension Technology

Best Coilovers For RSX | 10 Affordable Picks of 2022 (2)

Scitoo provides its users with promising and absolute suspension technology that can provide sufficient comfort to your vehicle. Moreover, these are the best coilovers for Acura RSX type s for its better handling quality.

Users can ride the height of the RSX from lower to raise because of the right components used. The threaded bottom brackets or spring seats are the main reason this facility provides much more flexibility to the vehicle.

The top mount pillow ball’s design will help the coilovers for RSX to battle with noise while the tuning will take place. Nevertheless, this will also work for increasing the steering response and feel.

This one kit will be ideal for regular driving and fast roads, drift, and any track. So riders don’t need to worry about the route; you need to be sure about the fitment. Do check out the applicable requirements.

For enhancing durability in performance, they have a distinct surface. This Coilover provides you safety and comfort at the same time. Security is their primary concern for favorable control in challenging roads.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Exceptional stability
  • Precise design
  • Durable construction

3. MOSTPLUS Adjustable Height Coilovers Struts Special Needs Match The Unique Design

Best Coilovers For RSX | 10 Affordable Picks of 2022 (3)

MOSTPLUS offers its users adjustments facilities. They will be able to adjust the height as per the road conditions and weather situations. They design the coilovers tough enough to face those challenging circumstances.

In this Coilover, they used rubber boots that fitted with all the inserts they provided. Moreover, these boots will safeguard the damper and also help to keep it neat and clean.

The struts in this kit are made from 6063 aluminum along with T6 will provide tremendous strength as well as boost the hardness. The aluminum element will benefit the weight to carry it down.

While tuning, the Coilover kit design will encourage to hinder the noises. Besides, it will also modify the steering response and feel. The great tensile enactment spring’s unique surface will improve the performance as well as durability.

This kit goes through numerous trials continuously. Users can install the equipment easily if they use the right tools. However, the MOSTPLUS is recommending professional installation for better suitability.


  • Pretty good price
  • Fits perfectly
  • Easy to assemble
  • Reliable

4. Function & Form Autolife Type 2 Coilovers Contributing Ultimate Versatility

Best Coilovers For RSX | 10 Affordable Picks of 2022 (4)

Type 2 Coilover from function and form autolife is providing a versatile contribution. Handling the characteristics, dial in the ride, and dampening adjustment of 32 levels are part of that versatile assistance.

They make this Coilover more aggressive than the Type 1. This coilovers main aim is to submit its users to the supreme street-inspired coil-overs that will generate the most people’s interest in this product kit.

For tolerating the periodic track survival, they design the Coilover according to the style, comfort, and street durability riders want from a suspension. For those riders who want to hit the track but as well as want to enjoy the street trip, this can help you to do these works.

To provide the OEM durability for twin-tube shocks, they used the steel material for the lower mounts. These twin-tube shocks will give you a smoother ride but won’t make you feel any hamper in riding quality.

If you pick the type 2 Coilover, you will enjoy flying on track and streets. It will undergo all the complications of the substantial world and won’t make you feel obstructed.


  • Impressive ride quality
  • Better fitment
  • Deals with the tear and wear in regular driving services
  • Worth the price

5. AM Autoparts Strut & Spring Lowering Kit Warranty For Ten Years

Best Coilovers For RSX | 10 Affordable Picks of 2022 (5)

AM autoparts are empowering their lowering kit of strut and spring with the warranty. It has not one or two years of warranty besides they are giving ten years of warranty to satisfy the customer’s needs.

When their suspension fails to achieve the goal they set, they will replace the product without any charge. The only cost of the product encircles the warranty.

It will perfectly fit on your RSX, and the Acura RSX type s coilovers will try not to dissatisfy you when you are enjoying your drive. So you can try to make them worth the journey.

You won’t feel any difference between the original and AM autoparts lowering kit. It will give a similar ride experience to what you want to see in the new suspension.


  • Extraordinary stability
  • Superb handling
  • Great product
  • Incredible customer service

6. ANPART Coilovers Shock Suspension Long Term Durability

Best Coilovers For RSX | 10 Affordable Picks of 2022 (6)

ANPART coilover will offer its users extended-term durability throughout the service customers usually anticipate. Their suspension of Coilover design and many other facilities you get from will ensure you receive the best benefit ever.

They maintain a high standard of condition and OEM design to do the duty of the Coilover. Moreover, it will reduce the deviations not to confuse the system.

Even you notice the improvement of the Coilover suspension filtering of harshness, vibration, and road noise. However, it will provide a seamless connection throughout the adventure.

Coilovers height adjustability is the advantage of replacement of shock and spring conventional over only Coilover system. This replacement will be the reason for improvising an all-around controlling and ground-hugging position.

The suspension device of Coilover will absorb the shock with the help of a coil spring surrounded. No leaking problem and there will be no unusual sound that you will prefer to avoid.


  • Easy to control
  • Simple installation process
  • Accurate positioning
  • Amazing product

7. Rev9 Damping Force Adjustment Lowering Kit Wide Length Adjust-ability

Best Coilovers For RSX | 10 Affordable Picks of 2022 (7)

Rev9’s one of the best products is considering as the lowering kit of damping force adjustment. This Coilover suspension kit enables 32 ways of rebound pressure adjustment. This is only possible because of the authorizing statement of steel alloy structure and valving of mono-tube shock.

By adjusting individually, the rev9 damping force kit permits ride height and stiffness by establishing general spring anxiety along with conveyance height settings. Both the permission will be able to give you a safe ride.

They have designed the unique coil springs over the kit of shock so that the riders can lower the RSX with an appropriate direction to use it most likely. The compatibility with the Acura RSX (DC5) 2002-06 will amaze the fitment, but for more clarity, do check the source.

Particular rating special spring will allow riders to have the benefit of handling the performance much better than before. With this benefit, as well as the valving help, give the ease of comfort by fine-tuning.

The Coilover allows the drop facilities by the full size adjustable and free spring difficulty. It won’t make you sacrifice comfort. Rather than that, it will reduce the pitch range.


  • Better performance than expected
  • No fitting issues
  • Amazing suspension
  • Need professional installation

8. Rev9 Hyper-Street II Coilover Suspension Lowering Kit Improved Comfort Level And Larger Capacity

Best Coilovers For RSX | 10 Affordable Picks of 2022 (8)

Rev9 comes up with the Hyper street 2 lowering kit of Coilover suspension to give a conventional lowering vehicle’s unique comfort point. Moreover, the mono-tube shocks will contribute a larger capacity for oil and gas.

They glorify the characteristics of mono-tube shocks that have rebound settings of 32 clicks along with the full-length adjustment. Valving unique 32 clicks permit the force settings of rebounding the fine-tune.

Lessening the pitch length allows dropping with the help of the whole length flexible and self-sufficient spring tension. You don’t need to sacrifice comfort at all, and this suspension will not do that either.

The pairing of mono-tube shocks and spring rating are designed explicitly or adequately to lower the RSX properly. They designate the rating and reasonable distance for the Coilover system.

However, they did not make any instructions on the installation. That is why they are highly recommending the professional hand to do the installation process. The experienced building will do the function quickly.


  • Handles greatly
  • No noises problem
  • Considerable price
  • Perfect for fitting

9. INEEDUP Coilovers Struts Shocks Functions As Unique Components

[amazon box=”B07VW86Z62″ template=”vertical”]

INEEDUP Coilover suspension is not tearing down the RSX struts, mounts, coil springs, and everything individually. It does the work as an individual component; it enables the entire board of the installation. The shock damping capacity with a strut is also a combination of a Coilover.

Adjustment of height is the outstanding characteristic of a Coilover. But it can’t modify the dumper. For the execution level of RSX, Coilover is generally reserved for. The most acceptable adjusted setup of dampening or length conditions stands used in RSX.

Decreasing the gravity on the highway RSX reduces the core of solemnity, which fulfills the driver’s desire. Being sure about the application, you can raise or lower the RSX height.

A comfortable ride depends on rotation behavior and modifying the length to operate the RSX pitch that the coil-overs allow for height. So for making a good ride, these two facts will support.

The high-quality elastomer manufactured reduction protector is utilized in coil-overs. It also protects against sand by using the supplementary geyser, including an integrated dust cover.


  • Great product
  • Incredible fitment
  • Reasonable handling quality
  • Worth the money

10. ZENITHIKE Strut Coilover Suspension Lowering Kit Feel Unrestricted To Pay For

[amazon box=”B089XWCT4P” template=”vertical”]

When ZENITHIKE is investing their loyalty towards the customers through the maintenance period, they defer. They are giving you a limited one-year period to solve all the logistic and quality problems.

During this interval, they will take full responsibility to ensure your RSX’s excellent performance. Riders and payers won’t regret paying for this Coilover suspension lowering kit.

Whatever settings you desire for your vehicle, you can ride height as per the custom tuning through the coil-over system. Riders will be able to adjust the height as per their requirements.

Most of us upgrade the Coilover suspension for better performance of the tires as well as the communication information of the road and tires. This work will do ZENITHIKE Coilover suspension very fluently.

If you feel the leakage of your shock absorbers, then you need to replace the unit of the shock absorber along with the coil spring. After the replacement, you will have fantastic transportation ahead.


  • Great product
  • Fits perfectly
  • Deserve the value
  • Outstanding handling

How Can You Decide on the Best Coilovers for RSX?

To make the right choice for your RSX, you need to research some essential aspects. We will guide you through some of those facts to make it easier for you to get the perfect one for your vehicle.

Top mount

In most of the coilovers, companies are using rubber or pillow ball upper or top-mount. Both the mount has different benefits. Rubber upper mount absorbs most of the impacts and provides a smoother ride.

On the other hand, a pillow ball upper mount will provide better handling performance. That will happen through the suspension by transferring the shock from the harshness of the transportation.

Spring rates

The spring rate understanding of any Coilover is a critical component for any vehicle to perform. Because of the high or low spring rate, you will get a stiff or softer ride. Moreover, the coil-over will give you the advantage of altering the status of the spring.

Nowadays, there are two types of coilovers you get. One is on the front wheels, where they provide a high spring rate. The second one is in the rear wheel, where you get a low spring rate. This is for those who will drive on the street, but a high back spring rate will be best if you want drift racing.

Adjusting the height

Adjustment of the ride height is also a necessary part of playing the role of good performance. Getting all the four corners at the same level or same size will be an outstanding installing coilovers. Adjustable coilovers can make the most of the use.


For the excellent performance of your RSX, you need to get a Coilover that can do the work promptly. A quality product is necessary, and the quality manufacturers will provide that. So go with their quality technology and material to make a good ride.


Moreover, for a satisfactory result, you can note down all of your doubts and start research. Check all the reviews, make your decision. Additionally, you can take help from mechanics for better recommendations.

Tested coilovers

The Coilover with testing security can make your decisions easy for elevating the Coilover suspension. The testing product can ensure more reliability, and also, regulated manufacturers provide servicing, replace services for their coilovers.


Warranty indicates the Coilover’s durability, and the best companies provide this facility because of the trustable issues of most of the customers. This warranty shows that the competent product will deliver, and customers will get peace of mind.

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Frequent Ask Questions

What year RSX is the best?

From honda’s shining eternity, the Acura RSX type-s 2006 is one of the impressive vehicles. It stands in the best portion because of the research. It may vary depending on the rider’s experiment.

What does RSX stand for?

RSX stands for Rally Sport Experimental (Acura).

What do you require to settle kw coilovers top mount RSX?

The tools you require for installing the kw coilovers top mount RSX are- 1. measuring tape, 2. antiseize, 3. penetrating oil, 4. torque wrench, 5. breaker bar, 6. socket set, 7. floor jack along with jack stands. However, the spanner for height adjustment will come with the kit. But as per the model or flexibility of the installer, tools can vary.

How can we be sure that the coil-over is worth the money or not?

If the Coilover is giving high speed and increasing stability, you should ensure that your coilover is worth the money. Right coilovers will cost a premium, but it will provide the best performance as well.

How long do the RSX coil-overs last?

As per the research, the RSX coilovers can last for 50k miles approximately.

Whether the stiff or soft suspension is best?

Stiff suspension is for the surface irregularities, bumps, and depressions on the road. On the other hand, the soft suspension is for decent mechanical control to maintain the tire on the ground. So choose as per your demand or requirements.

Do coilovers make any difference?

Yes, it does make a difference in handling all the characteristics of RSX. It helps to make adjustments quickly if you go with the right Coilover suspension kit.

Final Words:

For obtaining the best coilovers for RSX, we are providing useful tips and clearing all your doubts throughout the topic. But it would provide relief if you were careful enough to make it easier for your RSX. Hopefully, you will be beneficial with this selection and buying guides.

We understand there are various alternatives for your RSX coilovers but choosing the right one is not a cup of tea. So be careful when you select one and do assure the relevant matters and save an incredible journey.

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