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Since 2004 Auto Group Collision has been providing classic car auto body shops near me for the people of Brooklyn and surrounding areas with the highest quality of collision repair and auto body repair service. We established a trusted collision center that takes customer from the initial estimate to the completion of repair to getting you back into your car and in the driver’s seat. Our certified shop will get your vehicle repaired properly.

Serving more than 600-700 customers per year, Auto Group Collision is one of the top classic car auto body shops near me company’s in the area because of its sterling reputation for providing reliable, fast and accurate accident repair. We also work closely with your insurance company along we can perform maintenance, customization of your automobile and even upgrade its appearance.

AUTO GROUP COLLISION – Brooklyn’s #1 Choice For Auto Painting!

Auto Body Painting

Has your vehicle’s paint become scraped and damaged in an accident? Or have years of wear and tear faded its color? The team at Auto Group Collision can make it look like new once again. By usingstate-of-the-artequipment and products, we can repaint your entire car or truck. Well done auto paint can make your vehicle stand out in a crowd. Whether you are repairing a collision, refreshing your older car, or just upgrading the looks of your favorite vehicle, we are here to assist with your auto painting needs.

Our Color Matching Process:

The factory finishes of today’s cars incorporate highly specialized paints in multiple layers. At Auto Group Collision, we ensure that our paint system is always up-to-date so that each vehicle’s paint will match perfectly. This is the final step in the process of restoration, and we take enormous pride in matching the factory finish.

We do more than just paint your auto with the original color. Over time, the paint color may fade some so the OEM colors will no longer create an exact match. With more than 800,000 color formulas in the database, Our paint shop pros in most cases will need to custom color match your car. Paint repairs are expertly blended and look like the rest of your automobile when looking for a trust expert in classic car auto body shops near me.


Frame Repair, Replacement & Alignment

We can provide you with a replacement of the frame, or we can repair it, depending upon the nature of the damage. For major collisions, the frame of your vehicle has been crunched and rendered the car un-drivable. For modern vehicles, frames are designed to crunch and collapse, while the passenger compartment remains intact, so that the force of the impact on you is reduced during a collision. More rigid material would cause you to experience the collision’s full force.

At Auto Group Collision, we have the Frame Machines that provide the hydraulics and torque needed to restore the damaged frame, straightening it back to original factory specifications.

How Car Frame Repair & Alignment Works:

Computerized electronic measuring devices are attached to marker points around your car’s frame. The computer reads these measurements and compares them to the original factory specifications. Auto Group Collision trained technicians are then able to restore the frame with precision.

During a collision alignment, we check rear camber, rear toe, front caster, camber and toe as well as the thrust angle, steering axis inclination and included angle. The reason for this is that the potential change to alignment resulting from a collision is greater than that which results from a few pothole whacks throughout the year. Accordingly, these additional angles that are checked in a collision alignment are meant to verify that the chassis parts as well as the unibody or frame are all in correct alignment which is important when considering classic car auto body shops near me.

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)

Auto Group Collision is Brooklyns Paintless Dent Repair Experts!

Auto Body Collision proudly offers Paintless Dent Repair (also known as Paintless Dent Removal, or PDR). It’s a great alternative to the traditional way of removing dents, which involves sandpaper and adding body filler or paint to try to match the existing color. PDR has lots of advantages, not the least of which is saving time and money. Among its advantages are:

  • Savings in time and money – often repairs are complete in just one day
  • Insurance approves it
  • It’s the best way to retain your vehicle’s original finish
  • Doesn’t require repainting or body filler
  • No risk of overspray
  • The repair is virtually undetectable
  • It can dramatically improve the resale value of your car

PDR, however, is a skill and an art. Fortunately, we have a team of trained dent-removal specialists in PDR for your vehicle. The process requires specialized tools for applying pressure to the backside of the panel. This removes surface imperfections. We also can repair dents and dings by bonding a “tab” or other device to the panel’s exterior, allowing the dent to be pulled from the topside.

The most common dents fixed are the size of a golf ball and under. About 95% of minor dents can be repaired, leaving about 5% of minor dents that can’t be fixed due to depth or location. Areas such as some quarter panel opening lips, some forward areas of heavily braced hoods, or the very edges of some panels are examples of bad locations.

We’ll assess your car’s dents, inspecting the size, location and severity of the damage when considering classic car auto body shops near me. If we determine that the dents are reparable with PDR, we’ll give you a written estimate. Often dents and dings even as large as the size of a football can be removed with our PDR process.

24/7 Insurance Claims Assistance

Auto Group Collisions Team Of Insurance Experts Are Here To Help!

Since 2004 Auto Group Collision has been providing the people of Brooklyn and surrounding areas with the highest quality of collision repair and auto body repair service. We established a trusted collision center that takes customer from the initial estimate to the completion of repair to getting you back into your car and in the driver’s seat while working closely with your insurance company.

Dealing with an automobile collision is traumatic enough without having to worry about filing insurance claims. We know that each insurance company has its own procedures, and we’re here to assist you with the insurance company transactions. We provide the information they require regarding the collision repairs, as we guide you through the entire process of dealing with all the paperwork.

We accept all insurance estimates and work with all insurance companies. Auto Body Collision wants you to be a satisfied policy holder, so we’ve established relationships with all the region’s major insurance companies. Working directly with your insurance company, we’re able to start repairs immediately while also often helping speed up the insurance adjuster’s inspection and approval.

As soon as the work is approved, the parts are ordered. To expedite the work, when parts are received they are put into a bin, which only holds parts for one particular job. This type of care and orderliness insures your vehicle is repaired using only authorized parts.

Auto Body Collision works with your insurance company, estimating damage, handling your claim, and negotiating with the insurance company to make sure your repairs are done properly and swiftly as the locally trusted experts of classic car auto body shops near me.

Has your car been in a collision or minor fender bender? If your vehicle hasreceived body damage,frameor paint damage, call Auto Group Collision at (718) 449-4616 and see how we can help!Contact us now to for a FREE ESTIMATE!


What are the largest collision repair companies? ›

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that there are over 40,000 collision repair shops in the U.S. Currently the three largest industry consolidators - Caliber Collision, Gerber Collision & Glass, and Crash Champions - together make up less than 10% of all repair shops.

How many classic collision locations are there? ›

Classic Collision now operates a total of 100 repair centers in Georgia, Florida, Alabama, South Carolina, California, Alaska, Oregon and Washington.

How many collision repair shops are in the US? ›

There are 85,021 Car Body Shops businesses in the US as of 2023, a decline of -3.1% from 2022. Has the number of Car Body Shops businesses in the US grown or declined over the past 5 years?

At what point is it too expensive to repair a car? ›

A handy rule of thumb is if the cost of repairs approaches 50 percent or more of a vehicle's current market value, it's no longer worth trying to fix it.

What is the highest salary for a collision repair technician? ›


Who are bodyshops competitors? ›

The Body Shop vs competitors
CompanyFounding DateZippia Score
Aloette Cosmetics19783.8
Charming Charlie20044.5
17 more rows

What is the easiest classic car to find parts for? ›

1928 – 1931 Ford Model A

With the huge availability of the Model A you shouldn't expect to turn a huge profit from selling your restoration, but with the sheer number of them available it is an easy car to find parts and restoration support. A simplistic design also makes them incredibly easy to work on.

What states have the most classic cars? ›

10 best states for classic cars
  • Mississippi. TOTAL GRADE: 750. Classic vehicle registration restrictions: No. ...
  • 8(Tie). Alabama. TOTAL GRADE: 760. ...
  • 8(Tie). Montana. TOTAL GRADE: 760. ...
  • 6(Tie). Oregon. TOTAL GRADE: 765. ...
  • 6(Tie). Nebraska. TOTAL GRADE: 765. ...
  • North Dakota. TOTAL GRADE: 770. ...
  • Utah. TOTAL GRADE: 778.5. ...
  • Arkansas. TOTAL GRADE: 810.
Jun 16, 2020

What is the most common collision between cars? ›

Rear-End Collisions: the Most Common Type of Accident

As their name suggests, rear-end collisions occur when one vehicle strikes the back of another vehicle, says the NHTSA.

What is the most common type of auto repair shop? ›

Independent garages are the majority. They are privately owned, and often come with varying degrees of service delivery and pricing. The most reliable of the independent shops can be compared to the highest level dealerships.

What are the biggest body shop chains? ›

Biggest companies in the Car Body Shops industry in the US

IBIS World covers 5 companies in the Car Body Shops in the US industry, including The Boyd Group Inc., Driven Brands, Inc., Caliber Collision Center, Service King and Gerber Collision & Glass.

Who is the largest auto parts retailer in the US? ›

AutoZone, Inc. is an American retailer of aftermarket automotive parts and accessories, the largest in the United States. Founded in 1979, AutoZone has 7,014 stores across the United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Brazil and the US Virgin Islands. The company is based in Memphis, Tennessee.

What is the most expensive damage on a car? ›

1. Engine and its cylinders. The engine can be considered the heart of your vehicle and converts fuel to power so your car can move. As such, it is the most expensive car part to replace and repair, especially if there has been significant damage.

How much is my car worth with body damage? ›

Body damage can affect a car's value differently depending on the extent of the damage. If your car body is only slightly damaged, it can take 10 to 15 percent off of the book value. If the damage is more extreme, it can take 75 to 85 percent off of the value.

Is it worth buying a car with body damage? ›

Buying the car as-is may cost you more money than it's worth in the long run. You can buy a vehicle that has some body damage, but you should do so with caution. In many cases, a professionally repaired vehicle can operate just as well as a car that has never been in an accident.

What are the most expensive automotive parts? ›

What are the Most Expensive Car Parts to Replace?
  • Clutch. It is common for clutches to wear out; the best way to try and prevent this is by not 'riding' the clutch.
  • ECU. Similarly to the Catalytic converter, a car's ECU should last the lifetime of a car. ...
  • Alternator. ...
  • Head gasket. ...
  • Timing belt. ...
  • Radiator. ...
  • Starter. ...
  • Water pump.

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