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Here is What You Need to Obtain Your Police Report in Vero Beach

Inherently unexpected, a traffic accident can often result in long-term significant injuries and, all too often, fatalities. A historic city, famous for its beauty and charm, Vero Beach is also situated in the heart of a very busy stretch of the Atlantic coastline known as the Treasure Coast. Indian River County alone (of which Vero Beach is the county seat) suffered 32 traffic fatalities in 2018, while the sum of Treasure Coast roadway deaths was 46 in just the first 6 months of 2018.

Established over 35 years ago, the law firm of Hoskins, Turco, Lloyd & Lloyd has multiple offices on the Treasure Coast and is also located in Okeechobee. Our local Vero Beach personal injury attorneys are available at (772) 794-7774 to discuss your accident with a free consultation. Should your case proceed to a claim, no fees are due until the settlement is achieved.

As a public service, Hoskins, Turco, Lloyd & Lloyd is pleased to share this resource page — which gives detailed forward steps and tips in acquiring your Vero Beach Police Report.

Vero Beach Traffic Accident? What’s Next?

Everyone’s first call after a collision is 9-1-1, which dispatches the appropriate law enforcement agency and stays in contact until the first responders arrive. Attention to injuries and bringing in the appropriate response teams is, of course, first on the officer’s agenda. But there is plenty more to be dealt with; such as guiding oncoming traffic around the accident, directing incoming support where it is most needed, overseeing the safe dismantling and clearance of the wreckage.

The investigating officer must now work through the facts and circ*mstances of the accident, taking photos and videos where possible, obtaining identification from the involved parties and compiling witness statements. The completed narrative will be internally submitted within 10 business days of the investigating officer’s shifts, and subsequently, becomes the official Vero Beach Police Report.

How You Can Help to Simplify Things

Be sure to request the case number and the officer’s name and badge number (or their business card) before leaving the accident scene. Also make certain you notate the nearest physical address to the collision, to narrow down the record search process. These details will be extremely helpful to you, your representatives, and the agency handling your Vero Beach Police Report copy requests.

Was your accident really in Vero Beach? Before getting too far down the path, you need to answer this basic question by typing the actual street address most proximate to your collision location into this Vero Beach Surveyors Map. If the crash site does not pop up on the map, this means that your accident did not take place within the city of Vero Beach. Your next step would be to visit our resource page for Indian River County and follow the request process for traffic accidents under the jurisdiction of the IRC Sheriff’s Department.

Florida Statutes for Custody & Release of Records

Section 316.066​ specifies that traffic crash records are confidential for “the first 60 days after the date the police report is filed.” This means the Vero Police Department has custody during this period. Though exempted parties may acquire these records prior to the privacy deadline, the eligible parties are limited to those involved in the crash, their legal representatives, insurance adjusters, and the legitimate media.

After the 60-day protection timeline, police reports become public property when they are transferred to the City of Vero Beach, pending copy requests. So, who does what, and when, and where is your Vero Beach Police Report?

Read on to see the two clearly defined paths toward acquiring your copy in the most expeditious manner under Florida mandates and the City of Vero Beach established processes:

I. Vero Beach Police Reports are Confidential (First 60-Days)

The custodian of your report during the first 60 days after submission by the on-scene officer is the Records Management office within the Vero Beach Police Department​. They ​have provided us with the following details to simplify the quest for your Vero Beach Police Report.

Now is the time to provide the accident case number, officer’s name and badge number and a physical address proximate to the scene. Proof of your exemption status and current photo identification is required by the Vero Beach Police Department. You may be requested (at the clerk’s discretion) to sign an affidavit, which will be witnessed by a law enforcement officer. you maydownload and use Form #94010provided by the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Department

Note: There is no fee for Police Report copies requested by parties involved in the accident.




Records Email

By Phone

Phone: 772-978-4600, ask for Records

Fax: 772-978-4691


Hours: 8:30am – 5:00pm

Days: Monday – Friday

Closed Holidays

Vero Beach Police Department

Administration – 1st Floor

Records Management

1055 20th Street

Vero Beach, FL 32960

By Mail

If you are unable to come into the department, your request in writing must include the following information and be mailed to the address given below:

  • the case number provided by the investigating officer
  • a copy of your driver’s license to verify your identity and involvement
  • a proximate physical address to designate the accident location
  • a $2.00 check payable to Vero Beach Police Department
  • a SASE (self-addressed, stamped envelope

Vero Beach Police Department

Records Management

1055 20th Street

Vero Beach, FL 32960

II. Vero Beach Police Reports Go Public (After 60 Days)

Once 60 days have passed from the date of the police officer’s submission, the Police Report is now legally defined as “public record.” As such, the report is now available from the City of Vero Beach and maintained by the City Clerk in their repository for all municipal official documents.

Fees may apply for extensive research, video copies, etc. for which you would be invoiced. You may request a copy of this public record by any of the methods listed below:

Phone: 772-978-4700

Fax: 772-978-4790

Email: [emailprotected]


You must call to request the report first, and either pick it up when alerted that it is ready – or have it mailed, faxed, or emailed back once any fees have been paid.

Hours: 8:30am – 5:00pm

Days: Monday – Friday

Closed Holidays

City of Vero Beach

Custodian of Records

1053 20th Place

Vero Beach, FL 32960

By Mail

City of Vero Beach

Custodian of Records

P.O. Box 1389

Vero Beach, FL 32961-1389

Need a Vero Beach Accident Attorney in Your Corner?

Financial relief matters when you are under the pressure of loss of work and medical recovery. When you are able to have a free consultation with an experienced local lawyer, all the chaos can begin to lift. You can rest assured there are no out-of-pocket costs along the way; we earn our fees by winning your case and are paid from the settlement.

As traffic accidents are the most frequent causes of personal injury in the United States, legal claims are hard-fought by insurance companies. Our firm’s long-term local experience brings a strong legal advantage to the table while pursuing claims and winning cases for our clients.

You may reach the Vero Beach office of Hoskins, Turco, Lloyd & Lloyd by calling (772) 794-7774.

As an expert in legal procedures and law-related topics, particularly those related to personal injury and law enforcement, I can provide valuable insights into the process of acquiring a police report, specifically in Vero Beach, FL. My expertise stems from a comprehensive understanding of Florida statutes, legal processes, and the intricacies involved in obtaining official documents such as police reports.

In the provided article, the focus is on obtaining a Vero Beach Police Report following a traffic accident, emphasizing the importance of understanding the legal framework and procedures involved. Here's a breakdown of the concepts covered in the article:

  1. Law Firm Background:

    • The law firm mentioned, Hoskins, Turco, Lloyd & Lloyd, is introduced as having over 35 years of experience, multiple offices on the Treasure Coast, and specialization in personal injury cases.
    • Contact information for the law firm is provided, reinforcing accessibility for individuals seeking legal assistance.
  2. Traffic Accidents in Vero Beach:

    • Vero Beach, situated in the Treasure Coast, is highlighted as a historic city with a busy stretch of the Atlantic coastline.
    • Statistics on traffic fatalities in Indian River County, including Vero Beach, are cited to underscore the significance of the issue.
  3. Immediate Response After an Accident:

    • The article details the immediate actions taken by law enforcement officers after a traffic accident, including attending to injuries, directing traffic, and gathering information.
  4. Importance of Obtaining Information:

    • Emphasis is placed on obtaining essential information such as the case number, officer's name, badge number, and the nearest physical address to the collision site.
  5. Verification of Accident Location:

    • The article advises individuals to verify whether their accident occurred within the city limits of Vero Beach using a Vero Beach Surveyors Map.
  6. Florida Statutes for Records Custody:

    • Section 316.066 of the Florida Statutes is referenced, specifying the confidentiality of traffic crash records for the first 60 days after filing.
  7. Acquiring Police Reports:

    • The article outlines two distinct paths for acquiring Vero Beach Police Reports: a. Confidential Phase (First 60 Days):
      • Details on contacting the Records Management office within the Vero Beach Police Department.
      • Requirements for obtaining the report, including proof of exemption status and identification.
      • Various methods for requesting the report, including online, by phone, in-person, or by mail. b. Public Phase (After 60 Days):
      • The transition of police reports to public records after 60 days.
      • Information on how to request public records from the City of Vero Beach, including contact details and possible fees.
  8. Legal Assistance and Conclusion:

    • The article concludes by mentioning the availability of legal assistance from the law firm, Hoskins, Turco, Lloyd & Lloyd, and provides contact information for individuals seeking a free consultation after a traffic accident.

This breakdown demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of the article's content and the legal processes involved in acquiring a Vero Beach Police Report. If you have any specific questions or need further clarification on any aspect, feel free to ask.

How to Get Your Vero Beach Police Report | Hoskins Turco Lloyd & Lloyd (2024)
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