Re-watch: Updates after deadly crash shuts down all lanes of I-75 north in Cobb County (2023)


At least two people are dead in a crash involving multiple vehicles Tuesday morning.


Welcome to 11 Alive Plus at 703 on a Tuesday.

We have a mess on the roads.

We have learned after a double fatal accident on I-75.

This one is tough to get around.

Crash Clark, our traffic expert, has been tracking it all morning.


Crash help people get around this.

Yeah, Christy, you're.

Definitely gonna need some alternates if your port of call is anywhere up towards Marietta along 75 northbound, again.

This wreck coming in about 5:30.

This morning.

We were the 1st to tell you about it and I, just had.

A feeling when this wreck occurred and they were barely letting traffic squeak by that something major was going.


We've been in constant contact with Marietta PD, and they let us know that unfortunately, two people have lost their lives on 75.

This is northbound right at the South Loop, the South Marietta Parkway, as you exit for Kennesaw, State, University, and they're, going to be out there.


We are again constantly talking with them.

They're talking about multiple hours.


This was a chain event.

That happened., A series of events that started with possibly a stalled vehicle that was struck by another vehicle and the occupants were outside their car.


There are many times when I say if your vehicle stops in the middle of the road or you're involved in any kind of an accident where your car is is not on fire or something where you have to get out to stay in your vehicle, put your flashers on, remain with your seat belt and unfortunately, this series of events have resulted.

In, two people losing their lives.

Again, 75 northbound, completely shut down.


On the left side.

There of your screen as you're watching us.

It is completely closed.


They diverted most of this traffic off at the South Loop.

But now these delays, as you can imagine, are stretching back towards Delk and Windy Hill, and even the perimeter.

So, from what we understand from Marietta police, they're, going to continue to try and divert and bridge this traffic off the Interstate, off of Delk Road, off at Windy Hill.

So the surface streets.

Are, going to start to fill up to look on the right side of your screen.


The right side of your screen is 75 southbound.

Now, southbound traffic impacted, as you can imagine, a lot of folks.

Looking over the side of the road, they're, saying: hey, there's a lot of flashing lights, so you get those brake lights.

You get that bottlenecking.

So 75 S for the morning commute very heavy as well, and if you look to the far right, those are the express lanes and they are moving a little bit.


So, if you have access to an express lane, definitely want to use that as your.

Alternate for 75 southbound, as you try to make your way down from 575.

All right.

Let's go over to my maps now as I want to get you around it.

As, you can see the rest of the rush hour.

Slow to develop.

You got a little bit of red up towards Marietta or I should say up towards Gwinnett County., The, East and West.

Expressway is filling up in a little bit in Midtown, but we've been concentrating all our efforts here on 75 again northbound right at the South Loop Hwy.


All lanes will remain closed for seven.

Roll hours now, as they continue to investigate this and let's zoom it back out because again, not just impacting 75 N back to the perimeter, but it's going to have an impact for folks traveling to 85, maybe heading westbound over from Sandy Springs or even northbound through Vinings.


You can also see Cobb.

Parkway is really starting to fill.


Folks are using that as an alternate along with Powers Ferry, but right now those are your two best options because you don't want to try to go 75 N.

It is closed.

So let's talk Cobb Parkway, Cobb, Parkway.

Very heavy back towards Windy Hills, Spring Rd., trying to get up past Truest, Park.

Once you do that.

It looks like it's a little bit of a better ride for you on Cobb Parkway, as you head, northbound.

Powers, Ferry Little, bit of a smaller Rd., but it's a great alternate.

I used to use it all.

The time when there were problems on 75., In, fact, Powers Ferry will stretch from the perimeter all the way up past the South loop to Roswell Rd., which basically splits the., North and South loop, so you're easily able to access anywhere.

You need to be on the east or West side of I-75 by using again Powers Ferry, Road or Hwy.

41 Cobb Parkway.


Look at the overall impact because again, 75 southbound, very heavy., As folks slow down to take a look at this.

We don't normally see 2530 minute trip times from Barrett Parkway to the perimeter.

Those speeds have dropped.

You may want to consider, depending on where you need to go or what time you need to be there.

You may want to consider Cobb Parkway heading southbound through Marietta, 400, filling up pretty natural stuff right there from Windward Pkwy to two 8520 minutes.


It jams up as you approach North Springs and North Ridge, trying to get down through all that construction in Sandy, Springs and, of course, 85 southbound.

We always know.

Gwinnett County is a very heavy ride.

From 316 down to 285, we're up to about 27 minutes.


We'll call it 1/2 hour, from.

From, 316 down to the perimeter.

But again.

As we take more looks at this crash and the investigation that is ensuing, you could see the sign right there for KSU campus, just letting you know.

And, that is the South Loop, the North and South loop, which pretty much bridge in and around Marietta around 75.


Again this investigation ongoing.

We could see multiple vehicles, there, multiple agencies, responding, all lanes remain closed, 75, northbound right at the South loop.

And I'm, going to move over a couple of sky trackers.

So you can actually see look at that.

That's why you don't even want to attempt I-75 N.

These folks, unfortunately didn't get the word.

They are stuck in it and remember: keep those.

Those right, emergency lanes or left emergency lanes.

Open., You never know when a first responder has got.

To get to the scene of this wreck.

So looks good, right here, folks, leaving those emergency lanes open.

I know it's frustrating.

I've been stuck, in things like this before, but 75 will remain closed.

Northbound at the South Loop, probably for the next two to three hours.

That is what they are telling us So the delays stretching from the perimeter all the way up towards the South loop.

Once, you get past the scene of this.

You can reenter 75, either from Cobb Parkway or from Powers Ferry up around the North Loop.

That's, probably going to be your best bet.


If you look on the left side of your screen, you can see that southbound traffic also starts to clear once they get by the scene of this.


We are going to continue to update you at 11.


We have a photographer on the scene.


Can give you one more look? There.


Is a live look.? On? The left? Side, that is the scene, 75.

Northbound, closed at the South.



The right side, very slow on 75.

Southbound through Marietta.

Again, we'll update you on air at 7:26 and we'll continue to update you at 11

Thanks for watching.

Have, a good morning.


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