Simple Wedding Dresses - (2024)

Sleek, classic and chic – a simple wedding dress is always on trend, but ever since Meghan Markle decided to keep it simple but elegant for her very own royal wedding, understated elegance is more sought after than ever.

Our collection of simple wedding dresses features a number of elegant and minimalist styles for a modern bride. Understated elegance, exquisite tailoring and sleek, streamlined silhouette come together to create the ultimate modern bridal gown. For those that are more into vintage look, designer collections feature informal gowns inspired twenties, fifties or sixties.

Keep It Simple with an Elegant Plain Wedding Gown

Simple wedding dresses are not necessarily plain. A lace wedding dress with plunging back and delicate embellishments exudes the old-Hollywood glamour and style, while still looking effortless. Informal wedding dresses are also perfect for older brides. Silky charmeuse sheath complemented by long, illusion lace sleeves and a low, illusion back will make look stunning and ageless.

Fewer embellishments, understated design and a streamlined silhouette is the right choice for any kind of intimate wedding affair – a city hall ceremony, a romantic destination wedding, second wedding or renewing your vows. For a garden reception go for a tea-length or short dress.

Plain Casual Bridal Gowns for a Minimalist Bride

Sheath or column wedding dresses are often made from light and flowing fabrics and create a stunningly understated look. This narrow shape flows straight down from the neckline to the hem and is ideal for an informal outdoor ceremony, as well as for destination weddings. If this is the kind of uncomplicated, whimsical style you are into, a simple beach bridal gown will make you look and feel amazing as you walk down that aisle.

Flattering Sleek Silhouettes for Plus Size Brides

Curvy brides often think that finding the flattering simple bridal gown is hard unless you are the sample size. The truth is that any shape or silhouette can look elegant in plus size, and the universally flattering A-line is the one to try first. This silhouette flows out gradually into an ‘A’ shape and the balanced proportions draw the eyes upwards and create a beautiful cinched-in waist. Fit and flare wedding dresses is a look that’s very easy to wear and will give you a sophisticated, feminine shape.

Simple Elegant Wedding Dresses Never Go Out of Style

While new exciting trends emerge every season, there is something about simplicity that never goes out of style. A simple wedding dress with allover lace always feels sophisticated. Highlight your natural beauty with a minimally-decorated sheath or a simple A-line gown. By wearing a thoughtfully accessorized simple wedding gown you will make sure that the focus in on you, and not on the dress. With informal bridal gown you won’t experience dress regret, and your wedding photos will be something you won’t be embarrassed to show to your grandkids.

Lace Column Sheath, a Sleek Ball Gown or a Simple Off the Shoulder Wedding Dress?

Choosing to wear a simple wedding dress does not make your choice simple. There is a wide variety of gowns with moderate embellishments, a variety of silhouettes, necklines and fabrics. Whether you want a classic A-line, a sleek fishtail, a delicate boho sheath or a flowy chiffon gown, Madame Bridal carries a sumptuous selection of styles for brides-to-be looking for sleek lines and effortless simplicity.

How to Style a Simple Wedding Dress?

A minimalist wedding gown can be styled to perfectly suit unique style. Wearing a minimalist gown means that you can go big with the accessories. Wear a big statement necklace or mage the whole look edgy with wearing hair jewelry instead of a veil. Or you can invoke the laid back vibe with plain details like thin ribbon sash or a bohemian hair piece.

If you're inspired by chic simplicity, this is the perfect style for you. Low-key silhouette, sleek lines and the barest hint of sparkle, these gowns are all about clean elegant lines and stylishly minimal detailing. Style them up with a statement veil or keep it contemporary with just an elegant tiara and a matching pair of drop earrings.

Simple Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses – a Timeless Classic

Long sleeve bridal gowns have always been a tradition and an expression of modesty, but they also enjoy popularity amongst a cool, chic, modern fashion icons. Simple long sleeve dresses are appropriate for any season and every setting: a courthouse wedding, a vintage ceremony, or even the royal wedding. Even in the most ornate collections, you'll always find a subtle stunner. These are dresses that really are fit for a 21st Century princess.

Simple Wedding Dresses  - (2024)
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