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Start HereInstall theBluetooth®Vehicle DockYou’ll need to replace the Vehicle Dockthat is installed in your vehicle with yournew Bluetooth Vehicle Dock.A. Remove the SiriusXM VehicleDock currently installed in yourvehicle, and disconnect theattached cables.B. Using the same mounting methodas the previous Vehicle Dock,install the Bluetooth Vehicle Dock.C. Reconnect the power and antennacables to the dock. Connect thepower cable to the Red PWRconnector, and the antenna cableto the Silver ANT connector.IMPORTANT: If there had been aconnection to the Green Audioconnector and/or the Blue FMconnector, do not reconnect eitherof these two cables to the BluetoothVehicle Dock when using theBluetooth feature. These cables willinterfere with the Bluetooth function.Pairing the Bluetooth Vehicle Dock and Adjusting the Audio LevelThe Bluetooth Vehicle Dock needs to be paired with your vehicle’s audio system. Once paired, you do not need to repeat the pairing process. After the dock is paired, the audio level of theSiriusXM radio will need to be adjusted.Some audio systems automatically pair with an available Bluetooth device (Automatic), and some create a list of available Bluetooth devices and you select a device from this list to pairwith (Manual). Follow the steps below for your type of audio system, either Automatic or Manual, and then follow the “Adjusting the Audio Level...” steps.Automatic Bluetooth Pairing ProcedureA. Place the SiriusXM Radio into the Bluetooth Vehicle Dock, and turn on the Radio. If the Radio does not turn on automatically, press the power button to turn it on.B. Press and hold the Bluetooth Button for a full 9 seconds until the Bluetooth Indicator LED turns from blue to red and begins alternately fast blinking blue and red (half second blink).C. Place the vehicle’s audio system in pairing mode. Consult the instruction manual that accompanied your vehicle, or which accompanied the audio system installed in your vehicle, forinstructions on how to do this. The audio system will pair with the Bluetooth dock with no need to enter a PIN code. However, if your vehicle’s audio system prompts for a PIN code,enter 0000.D. Once paired, the blinking blue LED will become steady, and you should hear the SiriusXM audio. After about 20 seconds, the blue LED will dim. If pairing fails, repeat these pairingsteps again. If unsuccessful consult the Troubleshooting section.Manual Bluetooth Pairing ProcedureA. Place the SiriusXM Radio into the Bluetooth Vehicle Dock. If the Radio does not turn on automatically, press the power button to turn it on.B. Press and hold the Bluetooth Button for 5 seconds until the Bluetooth Indicator LED turns from blue to red and begins alternately blinking blue and red (one second blink).C. Begin a Bluetooth scan on the vehicle’s audio system. Consult the instruction manual that accompanied your vehicle, or which accompanied the audio system installed in your vehicle,for instructions on how to do this.D. Select SiriusXM-XXXXXX for the Bluetooth Dock from the list. The audio system will pair with the Bluetooth dock with no need to enter a PIN code. However, if your vehicle’s audiosystem prompts for a PIN code, enter 0000.E. Once paired, the blinking blue LED will become steady, and you should hear the SiriusXM audio. After about 20 seconds, the blue LED will dim. If pairing fails, repeat these pairingsteps again. If unsuccessful consult the Troubleshooting section.Adjusting the Audio Level of your SiriusXM RadioA. Verify that AUX Detect is enabled. If you had previously disabled AUX Detect in your SiriusXM Radio, re-enable AUX Detect. Press Menu, select Factory Settings, and set AUX Detectto enabled. For radios without Aux Detect, you must manually turn off the FM feature in your SiriusXM Radio or your audio will be too low.B. Access Audio Level in SiriusXM Radio menu settings and adjust the Audio Level to the maximum volume setting. (You can then lower the Audio Level from maximum if the Bluetoothaudio is louder than other audio sources, such as the AM/FM radio.)Using the BluetoothVehicle DockWhen you have paired the Bluetooth Vehicle Dock withyour vehicle’s audio system, the Bluetooth connectionwill automatically be restored each time you turn yourvehicle on. Turn on the vehicle’s audio system andyour SiriusXM Radio, and wait a few moments for theconnection to be reestablished.Note that the Bluetooth Vehicle Dock can only be pairedwith one audio system at a time. If you pair it with a newaudio system, the Bluetooth Vehicle Dock forgets theprevious audio system.TroubleshootingThe Bluetooth Vehicle Dock has been designed and built to be trouble-free but if you experience an issue, try these solutions.IssuePress the Bluetooth button on the front of the Vehicle Dock for two seconds until the LED is off. Thenpress and hold the Bluetooth button for approximately five seconds until the LED alternately flashesblue and red. The Vehicle Dock is now ready to be paired with a new audio system.I can’t hear the SiriusXMaudio from the vehicle’s audiosystem• Increase the SiriusXM Radio’s audio level. In the Menu settings of your SiriusXM Radio, select AudioLevel and confirm the audio level is set to maximum. If not, increase it to the maximum.• Be sure the vehicle’s audio system is set to the Bluetooth audio source.• Press pause/play on the vehicle’s audio system to un-mute the Bluetooth audio.• Verify that the Bluetooth Vehicle Dock is shown as the selected Bluetooth source on the vehicle’saudio system.• Verify that an FM Cable is NOT plugged into the FM connector Bluetooth Vehicle Dock. Thereshould be NO connection to the Blue FM connector on the dock.• Verify that an Aux In Cable is NOT plugged into the Bluetooth Vehicle Dock. There should be NOconnection to the Green AUDIO connector on the dock.• Make sure the FM Transmitter is turned off before adjusting the Audio Level setting:1. If you have a newer SiriusXM Radio make sure that Aux Detect is enabled as this automaticallyturns off the FM Transmitter.2. If your SiriusXM Radio does not support Aux Detect then you must turn off the FM Transmitterfirst in the Menu settings, before adjusting the audio level. (The maximum audio level when FM ison is much lower than the maximum audio when FM is off.)The Bluetooth Vehicle Dockpaired to vehicle’s audiosystem, but now it will notreconnect after turning thevehicle off and then on again• Be sure the vehicle’s audio system input is set to the Bluetooth source. (Some audio systems won’treconnect unless the Bluetooth source is re-selected.)• Confirm your vehicle audio system’s Bluetooth audio source is set to auto-reconnect.• Tap the Bluetooth button to re-connect the dock to the vehicle’s audio system.• Use the vehicle audio system’s Bluetooth connection menu to reconnect to the dock.• Repeat the pairing process with the vehicle’s audio system.My Sirius Radio won’t dockThe Bluetooth Vehicle Dock only supports XM and SiriusXM Radios, not Sirius Radios.To Turn Bluetooth On: Press and hold the BluetoothButton for two seconds until the Bluetooth IndicatorLED turns blue.To Turn Bluetooth Off: Press and hold the BluetoothButton for two seconds until the Bluetooth IndicatorLED turns red. Then release the Bluetooth Button andBluetooth will turn off.To Enter Pairing Mode: Turn Bluetooth off. Then pressand hold the Bluetooth Button for 5 seconds (for manualpairing) or 9 seconds (for automatic pairing) until theBluetooth Indicator LED turns from blue to red andbegins alternately blinking blue and red. (One half secondblink rate for automatic pairing, or one second blink ratefor manual pairing.)To Reconnect to a Paired Audio System: The BluetoothVehicle Dock should automatically reconnect topreviously paired audio system. If the audio systeminstructs you to reconnect from the dock, tap theBluetooth button on the dock to reconnect.SolutionI want to pair the BluetoothVehicle Dock with a new audiosystem OR forget the audiosystem with which it is pairedLED Indicator StatusThe following table describes the status of the LEDindicator on the front of the Bluetooth Vehicle Dock.BluetoothIndicator LEDBluetoothVehicle DockBTD1VSelf installation instructions and tips are provided for yourconvenience. It is your responsibility to determine if you have theknowledge, skills and physical ability required to properly performan installation. SiriusXM shall have no liability for damage or injuryresulting from the installation or use of any SiriusXM or thirdparty products. It is your responsibility to ensure that all productsare installed in adherence with local laws and regulations and insuch a manner as to allow a vehicle to be operated safely andwithout distraction. SiriusXM product warranties do not cover theinstallation, removal or reinstallation of any product.Sirius XM Radio Inc.1290 Avenue of the AmericasNew York, NY© 2017 Sirius XM Radio Inc.SXBTD1V1QSG 171004bStatusLEDIntensityBlue LED On & notblinkingOn, Paired &ConnectedBright for20 sec.then dimBlue LED flashingonce every 3seconds (twoseconds on & onesecond off)On & not PairedBright for20 sec.then dimBlue and Red LEDflashing alternately(half second blink)Ready to be Paired(Automatic Mode)AlwaysbrightBlue and Red LEDflashing alternately(one second blink)Ready to be Paired(Manual Mode)AlwaysbrightBlue LED Flashingonce every 4seconds (onesecond blue & 3seconds off)Paired and readyto reconnect whenpreviously pairedaudio systembecomes availableAlwaysdimSpecificationsSystemPower Requirements:. . . . . . 5 V DC, 1 amp (max)Operating Temperature:. . . . -4°F to +140°F (-20°C to +60°C)Audio Output: . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.0 Vrms (max)Bluetooth Vehicle DockDimensions: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.0 in (W) x 2.4 in (H) x 1.2 in (D)102 mm (W) x 61 mm (H) x 31 mm (D)Weight: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.02 oz. (37 gm)Audio Connector: . . . . . . . . . 1/8 in (3.5 mm) femaleAntenna Connector:. . . . . . . SMB maleFM Connector:. . . . . . . . . . . . 2.5 mm femaleImportant Legal Information© 2017 Sirius XM Radio Inc. Sirius, XM, SiriusXM, and all related marksand logos are trademarks of Sirius XM Radio Inc. All programmingsubject to change. Visit forupdates. All other marks and logos are the property of theirrespective owners. All rights reserved. The Bluetooth® word markand logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc.and any use of such marks by Sirius XM Radio Inc is under license.Our satellite service is available only to those at least 18 and older inthe 48 contiguous USA and DC. Our Sirius satellite service is alsoavailable in PR (with coverage limitations). Our Internet Radio serviceis available throughout our satellite service area and in AK and HI.Certain channels are not available on our Internet Radio service or onmobile devices. Satellite and Streaming lineups vary slightly.WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State ofCalifornia to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductiveharm.SiriusXM 12-Month Limited WarrantyWhat This Warranty CoversThis warranty covers defects in material and workmanship for 12 months from the date of purchase by the original retail purchaser only.Sirius XM Radio Inc., at its sole option, will repair or replace the product with a new or reconditioned product without charge for parts andlabor. Products replaced under this warranty become the property of SiriusXM. Replacement products are warranted to be free from defectsfor 30 days or the remainder of the original warranty, whichever is longer.What This Warranty Does Not CoverThis warranty does not cover: products sold as used, as is, reconditioned or refurbished; software stored on internal or removable memory;non-rechargeable batteries, surface preparation cleaners, adhesive pads, fasteners, and ear-buds; costs incurred for installation, removal orreinstallation of the product; correction of installation problems, such as elimination of externally generated static or noise and antenna placementand aiming; defects or damage caused by alteration, improper installation or removal, use of third party accessories, mishandling, misuse, neglect,accident, power surges or acts of nature.How to Obtain Warranty ServiceTo obtain warranty service, please call SiriusXM Listener Care at 1-866-635-7191. You will be required to provide proof of purchase and adescription of the defect. You must prepay the cost of shipping the product to an approved service center.LIMITATIONS OF LIABILITYTHE LIABILITY OF SIRIUSXM UNDER THIS WARRANTY IS LIMITED TO REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT AS PROVIDED ABOVE AND IN NOEVENT SHALL THE LIABILITY EXCEED THE PURCHASE PRICE PAID FOR THE PRODUCT. ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDINGANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, SHALL BE LIMITED TO THE DURATIONOF THIS WRITTEN WARRANTY. ANY ACTION FOR BREACH OF WARRANTY, INCLUDING BREACH OF ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OFMERCHANTABILITY, MUST BE BROUGHT WITHIN 48 MONTHS FROM THE DATE OF ORIGINAL PURCHASE. IN NO CASE SHALL SIRIUSXMBE LIABLE FOR ANY CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES FOR BREACH OF THIS OR ANY OTHER WARRANTY, EXPRESSOR IMPLIED. SOME STATES DO NOT ALLOW LIMITATIONS ON HOW LONG AN IMPLIED WARRANTY LASTS OR THE EXCLUSION ORLIMITATION OF INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, SO THE ABOVE LIMITATIONS OR EXCLUSIONS MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU.This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights, which vary from state to state.FCC StatementThe user is cautioned that changes or modifications not expresslyapproved by Sirius XM Radio Inc. can void the user’s authority tooperate this device.This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation issubject to the following two conditions:1. This device may not cause harmful interference.2. This device must accept any interference received, includinginterference that may cause undesired operation.This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limitsfor a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules.These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection againstharmful interference in a residential installation.This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequencyenergy and, if not installed and used in accordance with theinstallation instructions, may cause harmful interference to radiocommunications. However, there is no guarantee that interferencewill not occur in a particular installation. If this equipment doescause harmful interference to radio or television reception, whichcan be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user isencouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of thefollowing measures:Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna of the affected receiver.Increase the separation between the SiriusXM equipment and theaffected receiver.Connect the SiriusXM equipment into an outlet on a circuitdifferent from that to which the affected receiver is connected.Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help.WARNING! The FCC and FAA have not certified this Satellite RadioReceiver for use in any aircraft (neither portable nor permanentinstallation). Therefore, Sirius XM Radio Inc. cannot support this typeof application or installation.FCC RF Radiation Exposure Statement:This equipment complies with FCC RF radiation exposure limits setforth for an uncontrolled environment. This equipment should beinstalled and operated with a minimum distance of 20 centimetersfrom your body.What’s in the Box?Bluetooth® Vehicle DockCAUTION: Do not attempt to install, activate, pair, oradjust any of the setting options described in thisQuick Start Guide unless your vehicle is parked in asafe location.Bluetooth ControlsBluetoothButtonBluetoothIndicator LED

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