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YoRHa No.9 Type S (9S)

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Race Android
Sex Male
Japanese Name ヨルハ9号S型
Voice Actor JPN: Natsuki Hanae
ENG: Kyle McCarley

YoRHa No.9 Type S (9S) is a Playable Characterin NieR: Automata.YoRHa No.9 Type S is also known as 9s and is firstintroducedfighting along side YoRHa 2B. As players progress through the game, he becomes the main protagonist if Route B where the game will then switch characters. Like 2B, he is a member of YoRHa, but is an S-type Model thatspecializes in scanning and investigative purposes. This means that his main special abilities are not focused onclassiccombat, but has other special features and abilities that interact with enemies in various ways to defeat them rather than the basic melee attack.

We...we're sold..iers...We take pride in...our service...

YoRHa 9S General InformationNieR Automata

  • He is the male protagonist of Route B.
  • Member of YoRHa -the automated infantry squad. The S-type model specializes in scanning and investigative purposes.
  • Begins the game wielding the Cruel Oath short sword.
  • Programmed with an emotional but kind personality
  • He also goesby the nickname "Nines".
  • Because he isan S-type Model, his abilities excel in hacking rather than conventional attacks.
  • Unlike 2B and A2, 9S does not have a dedicated heavy attack button. He can perform them, but it requires you to delay the second hit of a light attack. You can also perform them by pressing R2 without any directional input and then attacking.
  • The Forest Colosseum from DLC 3C3C1D119440927 allows 9S to fight in arena battles using remote-controlled machines. Hack into different types of enemies to gain access to their bodies in the arena.
  • Height: 160 cm (with boots), Weight: 129.9 kg. His three sizes are B:61cm W: 53cm H:73cm. (Taken from the Official Nier Automata World Guide).

YoRHa 9S Lore & Trivia Notes NieR Automata

  • Instead of a pat on the head, 9S will do a fist bump with Pod 153 if you rub the touch pad.
  • Like 2B and A2, part of 9S's clothing will be destroyed after you initiate self-destruct (mostly his pants).
  • The secret trophy: Not That I Mind... is unlocked by playing 1 hour as 9S without his pants.
  • Unlike A2 and 2B, 9S is limited in close combat due to his Hacking ability. Though ironically, 9S might easily outdamage A2 and 2B due to his targets being subjugated or detonated after a successful hack.
  • 9S does not hold his weapons but chooses to move them by levitation. This can result wide but slow attacks and occasional misses on smaller enemies.
  • 9S is not theonly YoRHa Scanner model seen in game, although they seem to be in the minority of YoRHa androids. 4S in the side quest: Reconnaissance Squad, and two nameless Scanner models are encountered (One in the Bunker maintenance shop, and the other in the side quest: Retrieve the Confidential Info). An 11S was also mentioned, during an audio transmission to 9S.
  • 9S's hacking ability persists after remote controlling a foe. Most enemies tend to be passive unless engaged by the player. Players can take advantage of this ability to decimate groups of enemies by hacking alone.
  • In the TGS 2016 trailer, the characters of Nier Automata were showcased along with a word/emotion that represents them the most. 9S's was 孤独 (Solitude).
  • You can unlock the Young Man's Outfit for 9S by clearing arena battles in the Forest Colosseum from DLC 3C3C1D119440927. This is the outfit worn by young Nier from the Japanese version of the first game.
  • 9S faces demise during his ending sequence, within his rage he kills A2 however impaling himself with 2B's original sword.
  • Unit Data: ! SPOILERS CAUTION !"This unit's official title is Model S, Number 9. While this YoRHa member possessed offensive abilities, he specialized skilled at information gathering and hacking. While 9S normally had a kind personality, he began to exhibit hatred for A2 when she killed 2B-for whom he possessed an unusually deep affection. In a cruel twist, he also met end at the hands of A2."

YoRHa 9S CombatNieR Automata

9S Basic AttacksNieR Automata

9S does not have heavy attacks or combination attack, but can instead Hack. Hack when you're close to an enemy to trigger a Bullet Hellmini game.If you manage to complete the mini game, the target will blow up, damaging nearby units. If you hacked an enemy that didn't notice you, you also get the option to convert or remote control the enemy.Tougher enemies require several button presses before they can be hacked, and they offer tougher mini games. Not all enemies can be insta-killed by Hacking them.SeveralPlug-in Chipsoffer effects that are specific to Hacking, and if you have anAuto-Heal Chipequipped, then you will likely be fully healed at the end of the Hack.Being defeated in the mini game costs about 25% of your health. You can be defeated by absorbing three separate hits or failing to kill the target within the time limit.

9S Combat FeaturesNieR Automata

  • Alot of damage inNier Automata is dealt by means of Pod Fire. Pod Fire comes in 3types: Machine Gun - Laser - Homing Missiles, depending on the equipped Pod. You start out with Machine Gun. Machine Gun pellets are accurate but decrease in damage at long ranges. Using Lock-on helps with aiming but creates bulletspread.
  • Pod Programsare special abilities that require some time to recharge after being used. There are multiple programs that may be acquired, andyou begin with "Laser".
  • Pressing L1 triggers a uniquePod Program. By holding L1 you can charge up the Pod Program. Acquiring additionalPods, increases the number of possible charges.

9S Hacking Notes and TipsNieR: Automata

  • Hack enemies to detonate them in combat. PressYorha 9S | Nier Automata Wiki (2)Triangleto start a hacking sequence. Enemies who does not notice you when you hack them can be subjugated or remote controlled (can only do this for one enemy at a time). AddingHijack Boostchips will increase the level of remote-controlled enemies (max. +9). Super strong enemies like bosses/mini bosses will not be instantly killed by a successful Hack but will explode for very sizeable damage; some enemies with massive health like the Golden robots who could take several minutes of hammering with normal weapons could be killed by 3 or 4 successful hacks. Some bosses are also immune to hacking. The difficulty of the hacking minigame you get is based more on the type of enemy than their level or if they are a boss; a normal, plain Goliath biped from when they first start appearing on the map has a much harder minigame than the completely tripped out small stubby type Vengeful Child that has massive health, incredible speed and elaborate aerial power-dives; her hacking minigame is still the most basic type given she's based off of the most basic bot type.
  • When you are in control of a hacked enemy, other machines will not notice you unless you attack them. You also lose access to your POD and the main system menus (one of the most important aspects of this being the main map and Waypoint system), but you do still have the Minimap on the main interface.
  • Taking control of an enemy gives you access to at least some of their moves, which can be interesting to experiment with. You don't have your POD but both the POD weapon and special weapon buttons will trigger attacks from the enemy being controlled, as well as the Melee attack button. NOTE, you cannot fully fly if you manage to take control of the Small or Medium flyers; the Jump button makes them slowly hover upward but it has a max height limit only slightly higher than an Android's double jump, at which point it will just drop down at full speed and can't be repeated in midair. You can still move during this hover-jump allowing for decent range glides.
  • When you subjugate/are in control of a hacked enemy pressL3+R3to detonate them.
  • Hacking also grant 9S the ability to open special chests and certain doors.
  • Pod cooldown will still be running even while you are hacking,allowing 9S to be more aggressive withPod Programs.

NieR: Automata 9S Hacking Tips and Tricks

One of the trickiest-and potentially very satisfying-enemies to take control of is a Linked-Sphere type. However, given that they aggro against you from quite a sizeable range not allowing a direct un-detected hack and various other issues, to get one you'll need to follow a very specific sequence and plan out what you intend to do with it afterwards, to not waste it.

  • Before any hacking, find a Linked Sphere type somewhere without aggroing it and mark a Waypoint on where it is. Once part of the City Center collapses there are usually some around there.
  • Set 2B to Passive mode so she doesn't shoot anything early and aggro them.
  • Take control of anything you can, even one of the super slow Goliaths, by the time Linked Spheres regularly show up the enemy bots are more aggressive and aggro from a further distance.
  • With the hacked unit and 2B on Passive mode you'll be able to move right past any bot without a reaction. You can safely body-switch to another faster unit without aggroing the units around it, so don't be afraid to hop into something a bit faster before attempting the Linked Sphere
  • Go back to your set waypoint on the Minimap and hack the Linked Sphere.

Once you have control of a Linked Sphere, you may find you greatly appreciate its movement. Even though it still can't fully fly, it can still do very long-range "jumps" of a sort. The Dash button gets it instantly moving forward at roughly the same speed as an Android at max sprint (with the blurs showing behind them), and it can do this in mid air (as well as change direction). Combined with its slow "jump" this can allow for very long-range glides, and can get you access to areas you would normally have great difficulty reaching. You are still able to pick up loot, open standard boxes and even interact with NPCs while you're in a hacked body; you may find some quests like the Speed Race stages easier with it. The other flyers can't move like this; the Dash button does a short range backwards dodge move instead so they can't even glide-jump as far as what your Android can do.

Another very interesting one to control is the Reverse-Jointed Goliath. It also aggros from a long range so you'll have to use the same body-hopping process as you would for a Linked Sphere to get it. In a player's hands they have VERY serious firepower, with both rapid-fire dual shotgun blasts of shells and a powerful double beam sweep attack.

YoRHa 9SGameplay NieR Automata

9S is the main character featured in Route B. This requires players to first get through the 10 chapters from Route A withYoRHa 2B featuring her perspective of the occurring events. Once Route B begins, players will find a similar sequence in events asseen in the perspective ofYoRHa 9S instead. The story concludes once you reach the final playthroughs withYoRHa A2.Playing with the different perspectives will allow you to explore each Playable Character's different abilities.

Route B 9SNieR Automata

We first see 9S in Route B when he is tasked to Disable the enemy's defense systems as the YoRHa troops commence their descent as informed by Operator 210. The sequence in events here will feature the same ones featured in Route with 2B, however this time it is played in the perspective of 9S. This also changes the direction of the cutscenes during this playthrough.

As 9S progresses through his first objective, players will also get to see his first encounter with 2B. As he converses with her, she reminds him that emotions are prohibited. Players can continue through this route and eventually they will be forced to request the destruction of enemy hostiles via black-box reaction.

This will result in a reboot and they will both end up back in their rooms. 9S will assist 2B with her boot sequence and will go through some basic in-game settings with the player. Once you are released you will have a set of objectives that will take you through the route much like Route A is played.

Route B 9S Endings: Or not to [B]e NieR Automata

Ending B: Or not to [B]e

Conditions and Walkthrough

  • In order to achieve this ending load the cleared save from beating the game once and earningEnding A.
  • Play through the game againand complete all of theMain Story Queststo achieve this ending.

Spoilers: As you approach the end of Route B, you are reintroduced to the large Machines until 9S gains access to a memory storage and discovers something about the machines. From 9S's perspective you will hack further into some protected files including files from the moon server and some mysterious shipping documents. 9S will continue to dive into the servers until youhe interrupted with a sound and 9S chooses to activate his body.

9S willbe able to run intothe commander and she will address the data about the installation of the Council of Humanity. These are the events leading up to the final battles of Route B which will result in 9S's file corruption when Eve detached to the network.

Ending C: Meaningless [C]ode

Conditions and Walkthrough

  • Occurs at the end of Route C
  • Choose A2 when prompted during A2's encounter with 9S

Ending C: Meaningless [C]ode. A2 has a chance to be a part of both Route C and D. She comes to face 9S andattempts to tellhim the full truth. As the ending is approached, you will be given another choice between 9S or A2 before a final battle begins. Choose A2 and continue the battle. This eventually allows A2 to enter and attempt to repair 9S's logic circuits. An alert will appear warning herof Severe cirus corruption and a low probability of successful deletion. Successful reaching the logic circuits will give you the ending C: Meaningless [C]ode.

Ending D: Child[D]hood's end

Conditions and Walkthrough

  • Occurs at the end of Route C
  • Choose 9Swhen prompted during A2's encounter with 9S

Ending D can be achieved similarly by choosing the alternate option when A2 and 9S face each other during their final encounter. To achieve ending D, choose 9S instead of A2 when given the option. This is followed by a few glimpses of 9S's thoughts and memories and then a final cutscene leading you to ending D: child[D]hood's end.

9S Route B Dialogue

"I find myself in a bizarre memory storage area stretching as far as I can see.

It's a maze.
A labyrinth.
A massive interconnected network.
I've never seen anything like it

It must have been created by the machines.

So then...what am I doing here?

I...am 9S.
That's all I can remember.

Large portions of my memory may have been destroyed...

What if I forget everything? My memories? My self? My...

Okay, calm down. Calm down, calm down, calm down.

Just follow the emergency manual and execute the memory recovery program.

The recovery program begins to fill in the blanks in my memory.
They drift back like missing letters filling out a word.

The Bunker...
2B's plan...
A colossal machine lifeform...
The last-resort missile strike...

Preservation mode was activated at the moment of the blast.
It halted most of the safeties the network had in place.

YoRHa 9S GalleryNieR Automata

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